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lovelylittlecurves asked: Hi! I'm 25 too and I'm about to graduate this December with a degree in Communications. I love PR/Marketing and I'm currently interning at a media company near Cleveland. I'm worried I am going to have a hard time finding a job after I graduate and was wondering if you could offer any tips? I feel so weird starting my career so late in the game but I really love this field and any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you!

Hey girl! JUST SAW THIS. I honestly think you will have a step above the rest of your peers once you graduate because you are already interning. THAT IS HUGE! Take your internship very seriously and start tracking everything you work on then create a visually great portfolio showcasing what you worked on, the results you (helped) get, and insight on why you think the strategy worked. 

I didn’t intern while in school and regretted it as soon as I started applying for positions because potential employers will ask for work samples. I thought I was “all good” because I had ACTUAL work experience at retail stores, gyms, restaurants, etc. in addition to my degree…boy was I wrong!¬†

As soon as I sucked it up and got an internship at a PR firm (ONCE OUT OF COLLEGE MIND YOU) I was able to take that experience and package it up in to a tool to sell myself. That’s the key. Make people NEED to have you at their firm.¬†

Additionally, I would create an About.Me page (which is basically an online resume) if you haven’t already and also get a few business cards made at one of those free/cheap sites so if you are out and about in Cleveland or at an interview you can hand over your business card and look super professional.¬†For now, since you are still in school, I would put:


B.A. Communications at _X_ university

Intern position title at x _firm_

email / phone # / about.me (or your personal website) URL

I hope this helps. Feel free to ask me any questions you have. I really love my job!

Jennifer Gallagher :)